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Mulla ei ole mitään ongelmaa aloittaa asioita. Se loppuun saattaminen on ollut ainainen ongelma menneisyydessä.

Find your old blog.
Me: DA? Seriously?

2: Find Anni’s comicblog from the link section. Miss Anni.

3: Promise yourself to become more social

4: …. Or – if you prefer – sulk and whine about old things and relationships that you failed miserably.
Me: mutter mutter friends names, never phone my granny, mutter mutter, never finished that comic

5: get a hold of yourself! Make promises you can’t keep! Draw a comic about what you’ve learnt!
Me: From now on I will update my blog everyday! I will be more social! I will always be active from now on

6: … and leave it as a sketch and play Facebook ”games” the rest of the day.
Paper: *attenttion cough*
me: Yeah yeah. Damn critters.

7: Find the blog a year later. Start over.
me: Da? Seriously?



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